Muhammad Morsi became the President of the Republic of Egypt through a free and fair democratic election on 30 June 2012. He was the first hafiz (someone who memorises Quran by heart) to be the Egyptian President. Verses from the Quran were the source from which he derives guidance, and with which he manages his affairs as a leader. The commander of the Egyptian Armed Force, General Sidqi Subhi once came to intimidate him early in the morning and President Morsi calmly replied, ” You are wasting my time when I am supposed to perform Tahajjud.”

Regrettably, the President’s power was illegitimately stripped of through a coup d’etat led by General Abdul Fattah As-Sisi on 3 July 2013. With the illegal and brural power in hand, As-Sisi chose Adly Mansour, the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court as the interim President. Hazim Al Beblawi was made the prime minister, replacing Hesham Qandil.


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